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Prayer – “magical dust sprinkled over the city”

by Richard Long I love this description that comes out of the combined effort during the Olympics in Vancouver back in February… Excerpt from the official report from More Than Gold Director – Karen Reed  “For those who want the … Continue reading

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Report on the “Free Prayer” effort in Vancouver

by Richard Long,     We shared a few weeks ago during the Olympic outreach effort about all the different ways that teams were reaching out to visitors and residents of Vancouver.  Here’s a 4 minute report from 100 Huntley St. … Continue reading

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Full Report Now Available for KIIPC

by Richard Long    The full report of the prayer effort during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver is now available online with lots of pics and personal comments from our participants. Here’s and excerpt… ” Though we found ourselves never lacking … Continue reading

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More Than Gold Reports

by Richard Long,   Many of you were praying during the Olympics for all the outreach effort going on in Vancouver, Whistler, and the surrounding region.  There are now lots of reports posted on the official More Than Gold website.  … Continue reading

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Keats Island International Prayer Centre

by Richard Long,    Well, its my first day back from BC, the Olympics, and the 17 day prayer effort that we called the KIIPC or Keats Island International Prayer Centre.  We will give you more reports from that time … Continue reading

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Praying for the Olympics

by Richard Long,    We are on day 16 of the special focused prayer for the Olympics.  Many of you have been receiving the daily prayer updates along with 440 others around the world.  Yesterday we had 14 junior high … Continue reading

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2010 Olympics: Today’s Prayer Points

“Now, our God, hear the prayers and petitions of your servant. For your sake, O Lord, look with favor on your desolate sanctuary. Give ear, O God, and hear; open your eyes and see the desolation of the city that … Continue reading

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Buying Sex Is Not a Sport

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics highlight the heights of human achievement, but also reveals the depths of human depravity.  With the good, of increased tourism, comes the bad of increased crime.  Of special note is the increase in human trafficking, especially … Continue reading

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The 2010 Political Games

What would the Olympics be without a little politics thrown in?  While everyone’s eyes are on the athletes, many Canadian politicians are using the time to their advantage.  In fact, the 2010 Olympics (and what transpires there) could be crucial … Continue reading

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CaPA: Creative and Performing Arts

Many Christian organizations will be active during the Olympics.  One of particular note is More Than Golds, Creative and Performing Arts initiative.  They’ve gathered Christian artists from across Canada to come and perform in and around the Vancouver area.  Here’s a description from the … Continue reading

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