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After hours at NHOP with the Nazarites

by Richard Long,   What do our Nazarites do on Friday nights?  Pray? Read the Word?  or … You can find out by checking out this video on Facebook. We are having a lot of fun in the halls … Continue reading

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Out on a limb

by Richard Long,   When I was a kid I loved to climb trees.  Might have had something to do with the fact that we had a pet baboon where we lived in Malawi, and my older brother and I … Continue reading

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Our Nazarites are blogging

by Richard Long,   Quite often over the next weeks we will link you to a special blogging site that we have now set up for our NHOP Nazarites to do some daily blogging.  You will get to meet each … Continue reading

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by Richard Long,   One of the great things about being located in Ottawa is that quite often something special happens.  This weekend there were all kinds of special conferences and speakers in town at various churches and hotels.  We … Continue reading

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Some thots on Spiritual Warfare

by Richard Long,   When we teach our NHOP School of Prayer, the topic of spiritual warfare naturally comes up.  We deal with it under the larger teaching on “Praying with Authority”.  At NHOP we believe that anything on the … Continue reading

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It’s Election Time

by Wendy Turpin (We are glad to have this guest submission from one of our former Prayer Missionaries.  Wendy has some really great suggestions about how to participate in the current election in this article below. – Richard) If you haven’t noticed, … Continue reading

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Introducing our Nazarites

 (Back Row L-R: Jordan Mallard, Jeremiah Smith, Neil Friesen, Lori Folkerson, Celesta Snyder, – Middle Row L-R: Dwayne Flamand, Claire Iffla, Heidi Franson, Sarah Laxdal, Aleah Windsor, Chelsea Graham, – Front Row L-R: Megan MacQuin, Leena MacLeod, Pam Veitch) We … Continue reading

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by Richard Long, Yesterday I mentioned that we have set up a new office for Rob.  See the pic to the left.             We also have a major project going on in our basement.  The … Continue reading

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They’re back …

by Richard Long,   We were all very happy today to welcome Rob and Fran Parker back after their 2nd honeymoon trip to Scotland and Ireland.  They had a wonderful time for 3 weeks over there, including some great golfing … Continue reading

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Nazarite Orientation

by Richard Long,   A big part of getting off on the right foot is the effort to get our Nazarites all on the same page.  So… starting Friday night we began the process of helping them to get to … Continue reading

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