Nazarite Orientation

by Richard Long,

  A big part of getting off on the right foot is the effort to get our Nazarites all on the same page.  So… starting Friday night we began the process of helping them to get to know us at NHOP and also each other.

  These are 14 amazing young adults that the Lord has sent our way for the Fall.  As we heard their stories we were touched by the sacrifice many of them have made to be with us.  Several quit good positions in their hometowns to come on this adventure.  Others took time off of schooling and career paths.

  We have developed a handbook for living in our NHOP community.  One of the things we do during orientation weekend, is talk through and answer any questions they have about living in an Urban Monastery.  Today we will also work through our expectations of the volunteer duties in fine detail.  Nazarites like other interns before them will help with kitchen, laundry and other maintenance issues.  This morning we all headed to a couple of different churches to take in the local flavour of worship.

  Yesterday they got their first walking tour of the downtown, including a visit to the Peace Tower and then some shopping in Byward Market.  It’s been fun to see how they are quickly becoming a unified team.

  Also yesterday they recieved their first prayer assignment.  We divided up all 308 ridings, so that each of them now has 22 ridings to research and pray for as we head into 4 more weeks of election preperation.

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