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The Sign Gathering – Atlanta, August 16-18

The nation was shocked as 68 billboards were suddenly unveiled in Atlanta, Georgia, that virtually shouted, “Blacks are an endangered species –”. The nation raged, but the life-people rallied around the SIGN. The new true black prophets are now … Continue reading

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Letting The Light In

By Jeremiah Smith Imagine standing in a busy downtown area.  Surrounding you are people of every sort.  Each one has a history; a life of  joys and sorrows.  Many who pass by do not know Jesus.  They have not experienced … Continue reading

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The Sacred Supper

Here’s some thoughts on the interaction between the sacred and supper from Scot Bower from the Guildford Boiler Room community, For a few years now I’ve been increasingly convinced that the most important places for church are the kitchen table … Continue reading

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Revealing the Dark World of Sex Trafficking

Nefarious is a controversial documentary exposing the undercurrent of injustice beneath the surface of sex-tourism. Millions of women and children around the world are increasingly becoming the expendable pawns of a burgeoning business catering to the demand for illicit sex. … Continue reading

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Canada Awakening/Island Breeze Manitoba Team

We encourage you to pray for this 3 week outreach that begins today.  Check out Roger Armburster’s blog for a full explanation, great pictures and insight about each community that they will minister in. The Canada Awakening/Island Breeze Manitoba Team … Continue reading

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Confidence in Prayer – Anthony de Mello

by Richard Long,    I recently picked up a second-hand copy of a book published posthumously, written by Anthony de Mello, a Jesuit priest from India who was world-renowned for his leadership of prayer retreats.  It is titled “Contact with God” … Continue reading

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Brokeness and Beauty

By Jeremiah Smith Unlike many other “prayer houses”, where people live off-site, NHOP is blessed with the facilities to provide on-site accommodation.  Thus people from across Canada have come and stayed at NHOP, some short-term and some long-term, but all … Continue reading

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Pray for those in Authority – Glenda Schwarz

Here’s a great blog from a good friend of ours who writes today on the UniteCanada 24-7-365: 2010 website. Pray for those in Authority – by Glenda Schwarz 1 Timothy 2:1 & 2 Therefore I exhort first of all that … Continue reading

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Why pray if God knows best? – C.S. Lewis

From “God in the Dock” by C.S. Lewis in 1945, an interesting discussion about whether our prayers really make any difference in a universe where God is in control and knows best. “Praying for particular things,” said I, “always seems … Continue reading

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Prayer and Globalization

 by Richard Long, How does globalization affect the prayer movements of the world?  I have been thinking about that question since reading the paper by Os Guinness and David Wells, titled Global Gospel, Global Era.  It’s a preparation document for … Continue reading

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