Full Report Now Available for KIIPC

by Richard Long

   The full report of the prayer effort during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver is now available online with lots of pics and personal comments from our participants.

Here’s and excerpt…

” Though we found ourselves never lacking in issues to pray about, the big themes that we were led to pray about most intensively were those in the city of Vancouver, residents and visitors, who were encountering the presence of Jesus through all the outreach going on.  We were gratified by all the wonderful reports about people being led to the Lord in the streets, on Skytrains and in all kinds of other venues around Vancouver.  If you would like to read more reports and see some video and photo summaries please go to www.morethangold.ca.  Secondly we prayed much for the spiritual leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ in the whole Lower Mainland, interceding for a new level of unity and mature leadership that would take the Body of Christ to a new level and continue the work that began during the Olympics.  We believe that the Lord does not want congregations to go back to “normal”.  We believe that many believers have now had a taste of what is possible when there is a synergy of Christians, of all kinds of backgrounds, using their various gifts and skills focus on reaching the lost together.  We pray that this would be the “new normal”.

    We observed that there is a dynamic in the Spirit that happens when three activities are happening simultaneously.  Where there is sustained Prayer, intense Worship and bold Witness, the Spirit of God opens up the Heavens.  Previously Vancouver has been known as a city that is rather irreligious and challenging for sharing the gospel.   In our prayers we sensed a lot of warfare and we battled in intercession at the beginning of the Olympics, but there was a turning point during the “Burn” event.  Even during this intense 27 hour worship event reports began coming in of people coming to the Lord in places like the Skytrain.  Later, many experienced leaders of evangelistic teams reported how easy it was to talk about the Lord with people they were encountering.  Some commented that it was the best environment they had ever experienced for witnessing and leading people to the Lord.  Praise God!

 Our prayer is that this would be a permanent shift, not just for Vancouver and its surrounding areas, but also all across the nation of Canada.”

Full report in PDF form is downloadable here.

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