CaPA: Creative and Performing Arts

Many Christian organizations will be active during the Olympics.  One of particular note is More Than Golds, Creative and Performing Arts initiative.  They’ve gathered Christian artists from across Canada to come and perform in and around the Vancouver area.  Here’s a description from the CaPA website:

We are More Than Gold Creative and Performing Arts (MTG CaPA) welcoming the World to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympic Games. More Than Gold is a network of Christian organizations and denominations partnering to serve the city in this key time of its history. Specifically focussing on More Than Gold’s emphasis of radical hospitality and social concern (anti-poverty, anti-sex-trafficking and creation care), our CaPA artists will be expressing creative outpourings that speak of life, relationship, justice and faith. Our artists come at their own expense to serve this community – they are internationally renowned, and local, artists of excellence from all genres (hip hop dancers, jazz trios, rock bands, tap dancers, comedic actors, rappers & DJ’s, contemporary dancers, pop singers, classical musicians, country/folk, First Nations and more…). CaPA artists will be hosted on various downtown stages, live music venues and coffeehouses.

Be sure to check out the many artists on their website.  You might find a new favorite.

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