Ted Opitz

Ted is a newly elected member to the Conservative party, serving the constituency of  Etobicoke Centre. He was born in the Parkdale area of Toronto in 1961  and is the youngest of four children. Ted’s parents were originally from Poland and immigrated to Canada shortly after world war 2.

In 1978, while still in high school and only a teenager, Ted enrolled as a private in the Canadian Army Reserves and rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel during 33 years of service . During his military service, Ted also had parallel careers in the telecom industry as well as completing a BA in English at York University.

Ted has been recognized for his volunteer work with the Polish community and youth in the region. Do to his involvement, he has received various awards for is volunteer work, including Canadian Government Volunteer Award & the Queen’s Jubilee Medal.

He is a member of the Citizenship & Immigration Committee, as well as the Department of National Defence, and is also an associate member of various other governmental committees.

Pray that he would be known for his humility, which invites God’s great grace and protects him from pride.

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