Occupy Protesters, on the right track?

Perhaps you have been following the occupy Wall Street protest which have sprung up now in many of our major cities around the globe.

What’s their message? – Well things are broken, our economy, the environment, society, government, it’s a long list really.

There is little by ways of solutions offered other then abandoning life as we know it and embracing a new way of life altogether.

Human history especially the 20th century is a great example of people trying different ideas in which to live by. For example WWII is not the story of Adolf Hitler, it’s the history of a society embracing an idea.

Democracy while not perfect is the best system we’ve got. No system can make amends for the fundamental problem, the sinfulness of man.

I would like to offer that it’s not the system that’s broke, but rather the people inside that need help. Our problem is moral not economical, unless we address the underlying moral and ethical shortfall in society we are doomed to repeat.

Where was the conscience of some of these Wall Street executives, lenders and borrowers that has lead to this economic down turn?

And who informs the conscience?  Well The Church is called to be the moral compass in society.

Or as Graham Cook say’s “When you enter a dark room its no good to shout at the darkness, you turn on the light”.

It is wrong to think that religion is simply a reflection of culture it’s the reverse. What you believe will be reflected in the way you live within society. “Cult” is the root word of culture; cult in its simplest form is a system of religious worship.

To illustrate this Charles Colson writes; Oysters make their own shells, so if the shell is badly formed, the problem is not in the shell but in the oyster. Likewise when a culture deforms and decays, don’t ask what went wrong with the culture; ask what went wrong with the cult. Or as Russell Kirk say’s; “The material order rests on the spiritual.”

The light of the presence of Jesus shapes lives and transforms culture in turn. The hope of today’s world rests solely on the transformative message of the gospel. A renewed and vibrant Christianity living as the true Church always leaves a renewed culture in its wake. Its time to live out the gospel in all its fullness, and offer a real hope in a world of fading dreams that is ready to grasp a hold of anything.

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