Kingston Day of Prayer – Great Success.

This weekend I was fortunate to have been asked to participate in worship for the            first annual day of prayer in Kingston.  It was a great day and very well attended and   I can see that this is the start of something great for the city of Kingston.

There was excellent representation from all areas and walks of life. At one point in the service people representing different spheres of influence took the stage to pray from their respective vantage points for the city. There was someone from the military, education, medical field, business,  a pastor and a city councilor among others. The event kicked off with a message from the mayor encouraging pray for government as a much needed support.  It was great to see the different areas of life so well represented and humbly seeking God corporately for his grace and direction for the city.

The generations also took part in the prayer as people from each age category took the stage to pray, right from small children to 90 years of age! This was a powerful visible and tangible  expression of the body of Christ walking together across denomination and generational lines.

The whole day was a great encouragement for me to have witnessed and I am excited for all that God is clearly doing in the city of Kingston, way to go!

Rob Jr.

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