Election Prayer Update

We want to thank everyone who has jointly laboured with us in prayer over these last few months. For many of you this call to prayer began last fall in the 120 Day Call to Prayer. Here we are today and through the collaboration of various national prayer ministries we have proven that we can be corporately mobilized to walk together in unity and pray for our nation! Again, a BIG Thank-You to everyone who heard the ‘trumpet call’ and participated in this concentrated national prayer effort. It is simply awesome that Canada has a growing national prayer network that is in tune with the Spirit, walking in unity, and rallies together at the call of the Lord.

As well, thank you for putting feet to your own prayers by voting or volunteering during these elections.

What are the results of all this prayer? Well, for sure we can say that the nation’s political landscape has seen a major shift. We now have a majority government and we have seen a dramatic change for the leadership of Quebec from that of a separatist party to a national party.

There are many who believe that we are now coming into ‘days of shaking’ that will demand a strong and stable government both at home and abroad. Whatever you may feel about that, it is important to pray that our 41stgovernment will be given great grace and wisdom to bring good government to Canada. Pray for the ‘right fit’ of the individuals who will fill the various cabinet positions and for all the Members of Parliament to recover from the distraction of this past election.

Rob Parker

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  1. theseer1959 says:

    Praying for your great nation

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