Election Prayer Points Week 3

The recent headline in the Ottawa Globe and Mail made a good point; that there is much fighting for our attention (NHL Playoffs, Easter, Royal Wedding, Passover, Election). So as we approach the last 2 weeks of the campaign may we position ourselves so that God will not have to fight for our attention and for the church to have the needed stamina to continue our intercession during Canada’s election.

This weeks election prayer points:

1) Let us maintain a Godward perspective so as not to get pulled into the political sphere where we can become disheartened and intimidated. Psalm 33:14-15

2) Pray that the campaign staff would operate within the boundaries that has been given to them. Pray that their actions would reflect those that they represent. May they walk in great integrity and display ethical behavior.

3) Pray that the candidate’s would value personal time with God. In the midst of the fast pace and political swirl, may they find Jesus a friend to lean on.

4).In Genesis 1v3 God made the profound statement ;”Let there be light”, let there be a revelation of who I AM. Pray that the voice of God would transcend the media; whether it is social media, TV or the newspapers and that we would recognize it and thank him for it.

5) Pray that Canadians will participate, obeying the command to pray for those in authority over you (1 Tim 2:4) That we will be an engaged praying electorate and our influence will prevent an apathetic voter turnout.

6) “With wise and knowledgeable leaders there is stability” Prov 28:2 Lord we ask you for the gift of wise and knowledgeable leaders to help bring stability into our nation.

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