Informed Participation.

As I watched the trials and troubles the middle eastern young people have undergone to have the freedom to vote, I was burdened with the lack of involvement many choose in Canada. The word that keep’s coming to my mind when I see the mass’s of people in the news is “participation”. Just look how many people “showed up”. Its really inspiring and the contagiousness is seen as one nation after another has raised up there voice to fight for freedom.

Participation, the most important ingredient of democracy. If we don’t show up and vote we forfeit the most basic necessity in democracy.

Okay so now that we are all going to participate, its time to get informed. You might already feel completely inundated with election media hitting you every where you turn. It can feel a bit like navigating through a foreign flee-market where everyone is holding something out to you, but if you don’t know what your buying you can get taken. Trust me, I once bought what appeared to be saffron for 4 times as much as I needed too.

If you don’t want to waste your vote on something you don’t want, then your going to have to do some homework. Luckily there are plenty of great resources available for people to draw from like the EFC’s election guide definitely a good place to start.

Here’s a few tips to help navigate how to vote your values.

Educate Yourself on Election Issues: The website above is a great place to start.
Choose Your Party: Consider how each political party’s views on moral issues line up with your core values.
Choose a Candidate: Know what the candidates stand for. Weigh the candidates’ values against the life principles found in God’s Word, and choose the candidates whose views most closely match.

Lastly, but most importantly it is a crucial time to be in prayer.
Be sure to be checking our website as many national prayer ministries have been working together in unity to discern prayer points that will be being posted every friday all through the campaign. These are an excellent resource providing fresh and current prayer strategies for Church’s, prayer groups and individuals as God mobilizes prayer across the nation.

See you at the polling station.

Rob Jr.

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