Vintage Guitars – Tuned Prayer

I love old guitars. I love to hold them, I like to look over every ding and chip and wonder what their story is.

Vintage Tone

It’s interesting to think of all the world events some have been through and all the different players whom have played them. If you wanted to see this guitar player get excited and maybe even drool, mention vintage guitars. I have a daydream of one day happening on a garage sale and finding a pre-war martin with Brazilian rose-wood that has been lovingly cared for, just waiting for me. Even better in this daydream would be a price tag of say… one thousand, instead of the tens of thousands they are worth. Most people I’m sure would look at a guitar like that and say “why would you want a old beat up guitar like that, don’t you want a nice new guitar”. The magic on a quality guitar is in the solid wood of the top and the sides. As a guitar is played the wood resonates, especially the top of the guitar which is the sounding board of the instrument. The more it is played and the older it gets the wood loses the air molecules located inside and the wood “ages” and the sound becomes bigger, more complexed and richer. There is simply no comparison between a new guitar and aged guitar. Nothing ages the tone of the instrument better than playing it. As you play the guitar the wood resonates and the air pushing through begin to age the instrument. While working in a guitar store an older gentlemen I had befriended came in with a once in a life time opportunity for me. He brought in with him a 1920’s martin guitar in absolutely pristine condition. I was completely amazed at the sound. It was half the size of the guitars in the store, but twice as loud. Every note was so complex and rich it made you just want to hit one note and let it hang and ring on and on. I have never heard a guitar like that since.
Now you might be thinking “what has all this to do with prayer”?
Well let me explain. Not long ago a woman was at NHOP with a prayer team from the west coast of Canada. I don’t think she would mind if I referred to her as a “vintage” women. She has been a women of prayer her whole life, like a guitar that has been played everyday. The wood has aged and trued and her sounding board was rich and mature. Hearing her pray made me think of vintage guitars. What a sound. You could hear the maturity of prayer this women had, the richness of the relationship she had with Jesus through prayer, year after year. And like old guitars the more they are played the richer the sound. It was a sound that each one present realized was a special moment to hear. We all have a sounding board in our hearts, they become richer the more time we spend in prayer in the presence of the Lord. Lets tune them to the heart of God.

Rob Jr.

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