Humble Prayer

I think we all have felt intimidated in one way or another when it comes to prayer. I can find it daunting to pray into some of the many global events that are taking place around the world today.
The story of the young boy who offered Jesus the 5 loaves and 2 fish serves as good inspiration whenever I get overwhelmed in prayer. Of all the many thousands of hungry people that were present its seems very doubtful he was the only one that had a little food to offer. What set him apart was his willingness to offer the little that he had.
It may have looked absurd, the thousands of hungry people and here is this tiny gift that couldn’t possibly meet the need. Or could it. Jesus takes this humble offering and multiplies it many times over to bless the many.
What an illustration of what God can do through a humble offering of prayer. Maybe only a few words to meet a huge need, but God can multiply it to bless the many.

Rob Jr.

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