The View From a Prayer Missionary

I thought it would be nice to catch up with life at NHOP through the eyes of one of our Prayer Missionaries. Her name is Yvonne Sydenham, hailing from Barrie Ontario and has come to serve here at the house for 2 months and has been a wonderful addition to our team. – Rob Jr. 

So here I am sitting comfortably and tapping keys to write a brief blog. Now that I am sure doing this will not endanger my health or my sanity, I am off to the races.  Who’d have thunk it?

Have you ever wanted to try one of those 5 star hotel deals to just luxuriate and wile the time away?  I have but I’ve never done it.  But now there is an experience you can’t beat.  Here goes:

Envision an old building, embassy style, with old stone pillars outside and original 1922 wood panelling and decor inside situated in downtown Ottawa.  Further, think of excellent food in ample portions created by a full time cook who loves to create what people love to eat.  Come upstairs and find your own room with hotel style comfort beds and everything neatly prepared for your arrival. Everywhere you go, you feel there is a commitment to excellence.

Now that’s just the beginning.  Once you arrive inside you are treated to a wonderful welcome, a sense that you belong to a Christian community in which you are accepted and where you feel you have a part to play.  And you get taught happily and enthusiastically the blessings of prayer for government and our nation in a way that just opens up the Bible and makes it live.  It’s not just theory either–you get to put it into practice both at the House of Prayer and in the hallowed halls of our parliament buildings.  The people that do this?  They live this and are consistently passionate about what they share and do.

But the best is yet to be told: when you walk in the door of this place you are wrapped in the presence of God.  You sense this is somewhere God truly loves to be and the heavens seem open.  In fact, wherever you go or whatever you do– the prayer room for worship and teaching, the sitting room for intercession for our nation, the lunch room for fellowship and sharing—the Spirit seems to have got there first.  Prayer seems urgent at times, and yes, fun!

Thanks to Rob and Fran Parker, Rob Junior and Brandy, Trish, Doris and Sarah who run this place and make it hum.  I give it a 5 star rating.  You just gotta come and take part in something that is helping to change our nation.  This is something I would never have wanted to miss.



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