Prayer and Arm Wrestling

One of the great things about NHOP is from one week to the next, you get a chance to meet many unique and interesting people.  This past week was no exception as I had the privilege of getting to know and arm wrestle an M.L.A. from P.E.I.! His name is Charles McGeoghegan and among many others things he is also a world champion arm wrestler. Being like any other guy I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to get some tips and feel what its like to lock arms with someone of his caliber. Well, I can honestly say it was probably much like me challenging Sidney Crosby to a game of hockey. But he was very gracious to me (even though I was pushing against a brick wall) and offered me lots of tips and strategies to up my game. Who would have thought that the dinning room of NHOP would one day host arm wrestling, well with God all things are possible. Maybe if we move the tables out we could have a Kung-fu competition…. It is always interesting to hear the back story of Government officials, and the different experiences that they uniquely have to draw upon that gives them insight and individual strength in the arena of politics. I am glad to have met Charles and wish him all the best, he is always welcome here at NHOP for arm wrestling or Prayer.

Rob Parker Jr.

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