Your Mind Matters

A prayer from John Stott’s book “Your mind matters”.

“I pray earnestly that God will raise up today a new generation of Christian apologists or Christian communicators, who will combine an absolute loyalty to the biblical gospel and an unwavering confidence in the power of the Spirit with a deep and sensitive understanding of the contemporary alternatives to the gospel; who will relate the one to the other with freshness, authority, and relevance; and who will use their minds to reach other minds for Christ.”

I love this prayer by John Stott reminding all of us to balance our experience of God with both our hearts and minds. In speaking of the greatest commandment Jesus calls each one of us to “love the Lord your God with all of your heart and with all of your soul and with all your mind” (Matt 22:37). More recently I am seeing a growing hunger for the teaching of sound doctrine among the younger generation that come to the National House of Prayer. I’m sure all of us want to see the Body of Christ walking with a true marriage of the Spirit and the Word and to help encourage us in this I want to recommend an excellent new book by John Piper called “Think”.

(Here’s a short excerpt)

“If we neglect the mind we will drift into all sorts of doctrinal error and dishonor God who wills to be known as he is. And if we neglect the heart we will be dead while we yet live no matter how right our creed is. “This people honors me with their lips but their heart is far from me.” So my goal for us is that we put together what so many keep apart to their own hurt. Let us be clear in our heads and warm in our hearts. Let us feel with all our might and think with all our might.”

Rob Parker


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