My Visits to NHOP – Dorean Lowry

by Dorean Lowry

   Two times I’ve had the opportunity of attending NHOP in Ottawa and both times I have come away enriched in my prayer life and walk of faith.  In the fall of 2009, I went as a prayer missionary for a three month term and in October of 2010 I hosted a small team of interested seekers for a week at NHOP. I admit that both times I went with some expectations and both times I found that God had His own purpose for my presence. All God wanted from me was total obedience.

   During the three month term we had daily classes, one being lessons on prayer. Praying intentionally, praying with authority, prayer walking and asking God to lead my prayer or praying His heart instead of mine. It’s amazing how God directs prayers for the difficult situations that we try to avoid or when we don’t know how to pray. Being open to praying for the opposition party was a hard lesson for me to learn and is now a privilege.

   While being a team leader for the week, I wanted each person to experience the great lessons I had learned just a year ago. However, once again God provided His teaching to each of the team as individuals for His purpose and glory. Each team member came from a different walk in life, therefore in His wisdom they each came away with a sense of awe as to what prayer wrought for our Government and Nation. Through the encouragement of praying at the National House of Prayer we came away knowing that we have mandate: God directs us to pray for those in Authority over us in His Word.

  During both of the stays at NHOP, I had the privilege of meeting with some beautiful spouse of the MP’s. By trying to put myself in their shoes, it made me wonder what their lives were like. The work of an MP is anything but a 9-5 work day or a 5-day work week. What would their family life look like? Do their weekends bring a time of rest and relaxation or working in the constituency? It brought about many questions that I take for granted in my own life.  There is a deep need for praying for marital and family relationships for everyone in this working environment. We need to diligently uphold these families and individuals in prayer for God’s grace and wisdom to provide for their needs spiritually, at home and at work.

Having attended the National House of Prayer I have been richly blessed in my prayer life, my relationship with God has grown an attitude of prayer for our Government, Nation and I have a joy that only God could place in my heart. And – I have some beautiful new friends.

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