Bear with a Blessing- Given with Love

The National House of Prayer and The Military Christian Fellowship of Canada are excited about a special project for our Canadian Armed Forces. We’re inviting the churches of Canada to partner with us to provide the gift of a beautiful 15″toy polar bear for the children of forces members who are being deployed.

A Special Bear!

Each bear has a recordable voice box on which mom or dad can share a special message for their child.  This could be as simple as “daddy loves you and have a good night sleep”. A simple hug and the bear will share the parent’s message for their child. What a comfort the sound of their voice could be!

How Can I Contribute?

The cost for a bear is $25.00; this covers all expenses from our distributor into the hands of the Canadian Forces personal about to be deployed. The response from chaplains and Canadian Forces members to our suggestion has been very positive and they welcome the idea of members receiving  a demonstration of love and care from Canadian Christians.

Each bear will wear a red ribbon with a gift tag  with the MCF and NHOP logo on it plus the words GIVEN IN LOVE by ……( insert your church’s name)

We have ordered 500 bears and already churches are responding to this practical act of support toward our serving troops and their families.  This could be an opportunity for a Sunday school project, home group, youth group or an entire church to send some love from Jesus their way.

How Do I Buy a Bear?

If you’d like to purchase a bear/bears simply e-mail   
Payment can be made by cheque or credit card to NHOP. Any finances in excess of the entire purchase price will go directly to the Military Christian Fellowship to aid them in outreach to their fellow soldiers.

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