Remember Us in your prayers …

by Richard Long,

   It’s been a busy time here at NHOP.  Our team got in yesterday after running a National School of Intercession in London, Ontario.  (an 8 hour drive from Ottawa.) 

   We had a wonderful group of intercessors from coast to coast with us last week who came during Remembrance Week to specifically pray for the military.   They were a wonderful group but they had a very full schedule and they kept up the intensity all week long.

  So we’ve given our interns and prayer missionaries the day off to rest as we await a team of intercessors to arrive from Lethbridge this afternoon. 

Our director Rob Parker is in Mexico City this week with a North American gathering of intercessory leaders.  If you have been following that nation in your prayers, you know that safety is an issue.  Please pray for him and other Canadian leaders that they will be a blessing and an encouragement to their Mexican counterparts.

Our Associate Director – Richard Long will be in Mississauga this week to partipate in the Hinge Conference that is being hosted by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

 So we ask that you would remember our team in your prayers as we stretch ourselves a little further.

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