200 hours of prayer for Haiti

Starting on Nov. 20th there is a worldwide prayer event that will pour 200 hours of continuous prayer and worship into the healing of Haiti.

A YWAM group is organizing this ahead of the next election.  Here’s the explanation …

In Psalms 127, the Word of God declares that

 “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman keep awake in vain.”

Without the Lord’s hand to rebuild Haiti and keep watch over it – the whole nation and anyone in it will labor in vain. God is looking to and fro on the Earth for His children to stand in the gap in intercession, and we are answering that call (Ezekiel 22:30, 2nd Chronicles 16:9). That is why on November 20th – 28th, 2010, leading into the National Presidential Election, we will be mobilizing the Haitian Church to lift up a fragrance of unified prayer.

For 200 Hours, we will be trumpeting a call for the Churches of Haiti to commit to at least one hour of worship & prayer to cry out for repentance, redemption, & reclamation for the 200 years the nation submitted itself to Voodoo.

Hour by Hour, we will plead the redemptive Blood of Jesus over every year, and enthrone Him through the power of prayer & worship. Haiti’s history has proved that no rich act of humanitarian aid, nor shift in governmental leadership will bring the change that Haiti needs and desires in this hour. Only by rebuilding the foundations with a unified praying church will the course of Haiti change.

Psalms 22 is our hearts cry, that when we praise Him, Jesus enthrones Himself, when we trust Him, He delivers, and that when we cry out, He rescues. So as Haiti prepares to corporately vote for the most important Governmental System of its history, we are mobilizing the Bride of Christ to lift up a fragrance of intercession & praise to declare that Jesus is the only solution. Through this act of unified prayer, we will be standing in the gap in the Spiritual Realms to instate Jesus as the true governmental authority over Haiti, before any man is placed in position.

So join us, as we take this unified step forward in rebuilding the spiritual foundations of this nation, one prayer at a time!

Learn more about the 200 hour Burn for Haiti here.

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