Remembrance Day in Ottawa 2010

by Richard Long,

One of our most memorable days each year is Nov. 11th as we take our whole team up to the National War Memorial and join tens of thousands to remember the sacrifices of our military.   This year we are spending a whole week praying for the military with people from coast to coast who have come for that purpose.

I find it interesting how it is our spiritual leaders who get the most air-time during the service these days.  Rabbi Reuven Bulka is a perennial feature with his insightful prayers.  But also Brig.-Gen. Karl McLean, the chaplain general of the Forces, led in an amazing prayer which included praying that God would fill with His Spirit, our Governor General (who was present) and our Prime Minister, our Defence Minister and General Walt Natynczyk who is the current Chief of Defense Staff of our Canadian Armed Forces.  All this with the background roar of a 21 gun salute.  It was awesome in all the right ways.

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