A 120 Day Call to Prayer

Today along with Cityscape Prayer, My Canada/TheCRY, and the Canadian Prophetic Council, the National House of Prayer has made a call for 120 days of prayer.

Here’s the opening paragraph in an announcement we sent out earlier today …

We thank everyone who joined us in prayer for the month of October and also those that attended the True North Conference in Winnipeg. As a result, all of the participating ministries believe that the canopy of prayer has had some significant revitalizing over Canada.  At the conference and over the past few months, we heard from many prayer-leaders and intercessors across Canada, that this is a crucial time for effectual, fervent prayer for Canada (James 5:16) and our government. James Goll released a powerful word at the conference, to ‘stand in the gap’ for our nation and our government. Essentially, he said that there will be a persevering army who will rise up with strategic prayer for the next 120 days. 
     We believe that through some significant national events, we are now demonstrating that we can be mobilized nationally as a praying army. Many expressions of corporate prayer have been initiated and launched. There is a strong sense that ground has been gained and we must be diligent to not lose that territory.
     We believe that this is a kairos time to pray for our government. Because of the mounting pressures that governments are facing globally, we need to pray for stability in our government that they will, with great wisdom, be able to righteously address the many issues that lie ahead, both at home and abroad. A long standing minority government can be challenging for all parties. Therefore, we need to pray for collaboration in all manner of legislation and decision making. Not every decision needs to be politicized with winners and losers, but we need to pray for good government decisions for the benefit of all Canadians.

 Read the rest of the announcement here…

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