Newark: Prayer Up, Murder Down

by Richard Long,

Here’s an encouraging story about how prayer walking is transforming a challenging city in the US.  It come via the Transform Our World website (Ed Silvoso).


NEWARK, NEW JERSEY HAD A PROBLEM, namely murders, reporting a devastating 107 of them in 2006 alone.  

In response, Harvest Evangelism partners Drs. Lloyd and Joanne Turner, a husband-wife businessman and health-care professional, teamed up with Rev. Bernard Wilks and World Impact-Newark to attempt something big: enlist people to adopt the streets of Newark – every street – in daily prayer to reverse the staggering murder rate.

Did it work? Absolutely!

By the end of 2008, 33% of the streets were adopted, and the murder rate had dropped a corresponding 33%. That year, Newark led the nation in the reduction of murders. Crime rates have continued to drop in 2009, as total crime is down an additional 21% through April, with 49% of Newark’s streets now adopted.

Here’s the Pray for Newark website

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