High Arctic Relocation of 1953 Becoming High Arctic Restoration of 2010

We love the work that Canada Awakening Ministries is doing in the Arctic.  Roger Armbruster often stops in to our centre as he flys through Ottawa on the way to the north.  He and his team will actually be with us this Tuesday night at NHOP.

Here’s the most recent entry from his blog, about the very encouraging effects of the High Arctic Apology.

High Arctic Relocation of 1953 Becoming High Arctic Restoration of 2010

“The story of the High Arctic Relocation is also the story of Canada’s two most northern communities–Grise Fiord, Nunavut, on Ellesmere Island, and Resolute Bay, Nunavut, on Cornwallis Island.”

Read the report here on Canada Awakening’s blog

Excerpts below …

“Some of the relocatees nursed bitterness against the government for many years for abandoning them on this seemingly “God forsaken land.” It seemed barren and worthless, and some even dubbed the community as “Desolate Bay” rather than “Resolute Bay.””

“On the Prime Minister’s 2010 Arctic Tour in Resolute, Nunavut, the Prime Minister “met privately with with Inuit elders to repeat the apology made earlier by Indian and Northern Affairs Minister John Duncan for the federal government’s forced relocation of eastern Arctic Inuit.” Larry Audlaluk, Allie Salluviniq and Louisa Gillespie were there. It was a powerful moment for them to hear this directly from the Prime Minister’s own mouth.”

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