Celebrating 5 Years in our building

  Back in October 2005 we saw the supernatural provision of God as we were able to raise the money to put down a payment for 50% of the cost of our facilty at 17 Myrand Ave, here in the Lowertown area of Ottawa.

   The most common response from visitors is “Wow, I didn’t realize it would be be this big!”  It really is an ideal facility for our ministry, with room for offices, prayer rooms, dining facilities and many small rooms for all our interns, prayer missionaries and visiting teams to live in while they stay on site.

  If you are ever in Ottawa we welcome you to drop by and have a tour.  Better yet, why not plan to come on a prayer team for a week.  Call us to arrange for your team to come at 613-789-4907.

Below are some pics of our National House of Prayer building.  Celebrate with us on our 5th anniversary in this location!

The National House of Prayer

Dining room

Prayer Room

A winter evening

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