Intern Joel blogs about a hard week …

Hard, but not Bad

Last week was hard for me.

I came down with a nasty, nasty cough, and a touch of fever, which limited what I could do. I couldn’t leave the House very often, and it made singing difficult – a terrible blow, because I love singing.

God used this anyway. I couldn’t volunteer at my office (I didn’t want to get them sick), so Hollie went instead, and had a great time. I was quite happy for her, because she’d been having difficulty getting into any office to volunteer. Also, the extra time at home gave me more time to pray & meditate on the Word, which I greatly appreciated.

Coughing kept me up late most nights. We have long, full days here, so a good sleep is a necessity, and I wasn’t getting much. Regardless, God kept me going and kept me feeling fresh. I remember looking in the mirror one afternoon, after having less than five hours sleep, and neither seeing nor feeling any sign that I slept poorly. That was definitely God sustaining me, not just me pushing through.

There many other small things that would usually drag me down, but God made some too little to affect me (and, now that time has passed, to little to remember, it seems).

God tends to do things like that. We’ll have struggles, we’ll go through hard times, but then He’ll change things so that we grow from them, or that we depend on Him even more. He can use everything we go through to bring us closer to Him.

Last week was hard for me, but it wasn’t bad.


Read what Hollie blogged about her experience at the Parliamentary Committee on the Mission to Afghanistan.

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