Praying for Haiti today …

by Richard Long,

  Haiti’s challenges are back in the news again.  International agencies are confirming that Cholera has broken out and already taken 142 lives.  A thousand have been hospitalized in the last few days.

We heard about this first from a YWAM base in St. Marc in the Artibonite region north of the capital where we know some of the leaders.  They reported a sudden influx of very sick people, many of whom were dying within 2 – 3 days of becoming ill.

Let us pray that the Lord would turn back this epidemic on this very vulnerable people.  Pray for hospital workers and aid agencies that they will have the wisdom and strategy to deploy the right remedies.  Pray for the staff on the front line that they would not succumb to the same Cholera disease that has affected the general population.  Pray for Christians like those at the YWAM base in St. Marc that they would be able to share Jesus with the families and bring comfort to the grieving.

Here’s a story from the international news.

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