Intern Shantelle blogs about the Senate

Our interns blog.  They are doing a great job sharing about what their lives are like here at NHOP in Ottawa.  Today we have an excerpt from Shantelle’s journalling.  Read the rest of her blog to hear about how God is healing her eyesight over at the NHOP Interns Blog. 

Yesterday, I went to the Senate for the first time and a committee meeting afterwards. I was amazed at the behavioural differences of the MP’s in the committee compared to the House of Commons. They were discussing some good issues and everyone was very cooperative. It was very encouraging to watch, and it was like a glimps of who the MP’s really are.

I co-led a teaching yesterday on praying for government for the team that is here this week. Rob (the director) was helping me and asking me ridiculously hard questions, but God is good and gave me all the excellent answers It was a really great experience to teach like that and I loved it.

I am learning so much here, I feel like a sponge. The environment of the house is overpowering sometimes. There are only two places that I’ve been to, so far, that bring great joy to my heart as soon as they are in sight, and they are the buildings on Parliament Hill and NHOP. As soon as I even see this house, if I’m feeling anxious about something or I’m frustrated, it fades, sometimes only a bit, and I know that I am home.

~ Shantelle

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