Praying at the Toronto City Hall

by Richard Long,

   Today, I joined with dozens of others at the Toronto City Hall to intercede specifically for the municipal elections taking place in less than a week.  It brought back lots of memories.  I was part of the original team that applied for the use of the council chambers back at the beginning of the year 2000.  Every couple of months (6 times a year) pastors and intercessors have gathered ever since to pray onsite at the nation’s largest city hall.

Mission GTA is the hosting ministry for this prayer effort and many more city-transformation initiatives in the city of Toronto and area.  I had the chance to spend the last couple of days with the leadership of Mission GTA and some of the spiritual fathers and mothers that they relate to in Toronto. 

I came away greatly encouraged.  There is a new spirit of deep love and a corporate commitment to paying the price to see their city transformed by the power of the gospel.  Hany Boghossian and his team are ready to see God really move in their city.  I encourage you if you are living in the GTA to get behind this great group of leaders.

You can learn more about Mission GTA/Pray GTA here.

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