“Come Up” – by intern Gina Vilsaint

Our interns blog regularly about their experience at the National House of Prayer.

Here’s an excerpt from Gina’s latest entry …

The last few weeks God has really been speaking to me about coming up higher and going deeper in him. Here is a sample of our conversations

(God) Gina come up!

(Gina) What do you mean Lord. I’m an Intern at the National house of prayer , I go to church, I attend lot’s of prayer meetings what else can I do.

(God) Come Up!!!

(Gina) I write you, I praise you, I even pray when you wake me up in the middle of the night. What do you mean come Up ?

(God) I need you to come up higher, you cannot ride on yesterday’s glory, I’m doing a new thing and there is so much that I want to show you…but you need to come up higher. Spend more time with me, I love to be in your presence. I love it when you seek me. I love when you keep your eyes focused on me. Stop looking at what was or what could be, look at me. Stay in the present.

(Gina) Ok Lord I get it,  you want more of me. Will you help me? I don’t always know how?

(God) Yes my Love

Read the rest of her blog here …

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