An Afternoon in Wakefield


Shantelle, Hollie, Barb, Joel, Gina

by Richard Long,

  Our new interns have had two very busy weeks since they arrived this Fall.  So today after their usual morning devotions and a time of prayer ministry, we headed across the river into Quebec.  The fall leaves are at their peak in the Gatineau Hills, so we traveled 30 kms north to the small town of Wakefield.  We ate lunch at the covered bridge and then joined the other tourists in the small town.  Many people were in the shops because there is an old-fashioned steam train that ferries people up to this beautiful spot.  For all of our interns this was their first time in Wakefield.  For some of them it was their first visit to La Belle Province.

For all of us it was a time to appreciate the splendour of the Lord’s majesty on display in the beauty of the Autumn colours.

We arrived back to meet the first of our 18 guests who are here as the visiting prayer team this week.  And in them we also encountered the glory of the Lord manifest in his people.

Have you read the blog that our interns are writing?  Check it out here.

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