An Urgent Call to Prayer for October

by Rob Parker,

Over the last several weeks I and others have felt a growing sense of urgency in prayer for our nation. This has come to me as a kind of vulnerability or ‘spiritual void’ over Canada. I have asked Sara Maynard of Cityscape Ministries, Faytene Kryskow of 4 My Canada, and Stacey Campbell of the Canadian Prophetic Council to discern with me and all of them have agreed that they are sensing the same.
This was also confirmed at a function on Parliament Hill last week through an M.P. who has felt the need to increase his prayer for our nation because of a feeling of vulnerability over Canada! He has been praying and fasting for 21 days and his wife has been prayer-walking their riding for the past few weeks. This same M.P.’s staff person said to me that she had a picture of a canopy over Canada, but the canopy now has some holes in it. She asked what I thought this could mean. The next morning I was meditating on Isa. 39:1-6  and realized that there has been much spiritual territory taken in our nation, (treasury), which the enemy would love to win back, but I feel that we can stand in prayer for such a time as this so that no ground would be lost.

Therefore, our combined ministries are asking you to discern with us and consider joining in a general call to increase our prayers (and fasting) for Canada. We are setting aside the month of October to really ramp up prayer which places the True North Conference in Winnipeg right in the middle of this call. We can tell you that the intent of this conference is to provoke, equip and mobilize many to intercede for our nation, which could be used to birth an ongoing prayer movement in Canada. Our hope is to connect intercessors from across Canada, so that we may see even a greater oneness and corporate discernment in our nation.

Read the full text of this letter including the specific ways that you can join us in this urgent call to prayer.

 Learn more about the True North Prayer Conference.

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