Pray for our new Governor General David Johnston

by Richard Long,

   Today is the installation of our 28th Governor General.  There is all kinds of pomp and ceremony associated with this national event which you can find out about on the official website here.  It will be televised on major networks starting at 10:00 AM and run for several hours.

The theme for the installation ceremony is “Service”.  Here’s the official description below …

Service, whether it is to family, community, or country, is the highest, most noble of callings. Canada’s 28th Governor General has a history of service to family, community and country. The installation ceremony will reflect his special interest in children and family life, his unique perspective on learning and education, and his keen promotion of philanthropy and volunteerism.

This theme of service echoes that of Her Majesty The Queen’s 2010 visit “Honouring the Canadian Record of Service – Past, Present and Future,” and illustrates how the Governor General exemplifies the Canadian value of service to community and country.

Canada is a country that was created by people of diverse cultures who committed themselves to building a home, a community and country. By working together, putting aside our differences and assisting those among us who needed a helping hand, Canadians have built a society that is the envy of the world. Service to country shaped us, service to family and community sustains us, and this tradition of service will carry us forward into the future.

Let’s be praying for His Excellency David Johnston and his wife Sharon as they take on these huge responsibilities.  Many are predicting he will have the challenge of watching over more minority governments during his 5 year term.  May the Lord use the theme of service to challenge all Canadians to a new level of servanthood to one another and the world.

Let’s also bless outgoing GG Michaelle Jean as she takes up her new UN responsibilities.

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