Praying for Politicians – Mel and Susan Finlay

 We love the work that Mel and Susan Finlay and their team at Nation at Prayer are doing as they raise up prayer support for political leaders at all levels.  Their website has a number of great resources to help Canadians pray of their elected leaders.

Here’s what they wrote in their latest newsletter…

Praying for Politicians

 “Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds us that there is “a season for every activity under heaven”. In Canada Fall is one of the times of the year when municipal councils, provincial  and territorial legislatures, Band Councils, and Parliament convene to conduct the affairs of their respective jurisdictions.

The Importance of Prayer

It is important to the affairs of our nation, and to the well-being of each elected representative, to uphold them regularly in prayer.  It is our goal that every elected representative, at every level of government everywhere in Canada, is prayed for every day of the year. 

Enlist your family and friends; provide them with the names of their elected representatives at all levels of government, and agree upon a schedule of prayer among yourselves that ensures that each one is prayed for every day.  If that is replicated across the country, every elected representative will be covered in prayer daily.

Life as an Elected Representative

The focus of Nation At Prayer is on the people who serve as elected representatives, rather than on policies, platforms, and issues. 

The latter are important, and we thank God that there are people and organizations that focus on issues, platforms and policies. But that is not our calling. We are called both to pray for, and to encourage prayer for, the elected representatives themselves, and their families and circumstances, that the Holy Spirit will guide their minds and hearts “into all truth.” (John 16:13)

It may help inform your prayers for your elected representatives if you think for a moment of their lives and the personal challenges they face.

Their time is not their own.  When not actually sitting in Council, Legislative Assembly, or Parliament, they are serving on committees, showing up at functions, responding to constituents, preparing for upcoming speeches, votes, or other activities requiring advance deliberation, or travelling.

Family time is reduced.  The further removed geographically an elected representative is from her/his constituency, the greater the challenge to maintain a healthy family life.  Both the elected representative and the family are stepping into a moving stream when they get back together after several days, or in some instances weeks, apart.  Both have had experiences that the other has not been part of, and it often takes a determined effort to catch up with the other one.

Learning how to balance family, personal refreshing, and daily spiritual nourishment with the demands of one’s job takes time, conscious effort, and desire.  For family members back in the home community, it often takes patience, wisdom, and determination to integrate their spouse or parent into their lives when they are back together.

Healthy routines suffer.  While the specific challenges differ at different levels of government, the outcomes are often the same.  Normal eating patterns suffer; daily routines become non-existent as schedules change day to day; frequent travel creates havoc with the normal body rhythm.  It becomes easy to lose sight of the essential (faith, family, friends) in the pursuit of the important. 

Issues are complex, rapidly changing, and not subject to easy solutions.  Even Solomon didn’t face the challenges that confront our elected representatives.  The world is inter-connected, and decisions made in Norway can impact the village council in Bella Coola, BC.  Trying to gain some understanding of the interconnectedness and complexities of issues, then bringing to bear some kind of decision that can provide solutions, takes greater wisdom than human beings are capable of on their own.

Your prayer provides the sustaining power for your elected representatives.  Use the prayer bookmark available on our web site or in quantity directly from our office to guide your prayers.  And pray regularly for them.”

 Learn more about Nation at Prayer on their official website.

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