Fall Session of Parliament begins – and so does the challenge for a new decorum

by Richard Long,

   Today is the first day of the Fall session of Parliament.  Time for us to kick into high gear.  Our interns arrived on the weekend for their orientation and get their first taste of Question Period today.  We also have our first Fall visiting prayer team arriving today.  This week’s team is from Owen Sound, Ontario.

  Early commentators are expecting a fairly contentious parliamentary session.  New counterparts have been chosen as official opposition critics who look like they are ready to challenge the government’s approach on nearly everything.  The Conservative Government has done some minor reshuffling and put M.P. John Baird in charge of “the House”.

  We are feeling it is time to take on the challenge of the decorum within the House of Commons as a major prayer issue.  There are calls for reform from many sides.  M.P. Michael Chong has already become a champion for this cause.  Let us lift him and his some of his key allies from other parties up in prayer.  It will be a long uphill battle.  The good news is that even in media circles there is a general call for major change.  The vitriolic debates of the Spring session have catalyzed an overall disdain for the way that the atmosphere has degenerated over the last few years.

So … let’s rise to the challenge.  Many of you have been with us in Question Period or sat in Committee meetings, or watched on television and you don’t need any convincing.  Let’s pray!


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