“The Big If” – a year of continuous prayer in Scotland

by Richard Long,

  When many national prayer ministries came together almost a year ago,  to seek the Lord about what He would have us do together in 2010, we felt led to establish a continuous year of prayer.  You can see that in action at Unite Canada 24-7-365-2010.  Little did we know that other nations were feeling the same call. 

One such nation is Scotland.  They have a wonderful website where they coordinate their effort.  It’s called “The Big If”.

The “Big If” challenge is to form a year of unbroken prayer across Scotland, for what we believe is the first time in the nation’s history. Momentum is building as churches and groups commit to taking 24-7 days, weeks, & weekends of prayer and pass the baton around the nation.

Our aim is to build the prayer capacity of the local church, and see individuals have a fresh intimacy with God. Already many reports are coming in of answers to prayer, lives and communities impacted & transformed. The young and the old have all been involved. Join in the 24-7 prayer revolution. You can check the prayer calendar and book a free day or week for your church or you can add to a week that already has a group praying.

Help make it happen. Transform your church and community.

Learn more about “The Big If ..” here.

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