Canada In Prayer: September 2010 – Brian Warren

by Richard Long,

I always look forward to getting my monthly “Prayer Guide” from the team at Canada In Prayer.  It is well researched, timely and covers the prayer issues of the whole nation, region by region.  We strongly encourage you to sign up for their free monthly email prayer guides.

Here’s the opening paragraphs from the pen of their Excutive Director – Brian Warren …

“But have we Holy Spirit power – power that restricts the devil’s power, pulls down strongholds and obtains promises? Daring delinquents will be damned if they are not delivered from the devil’s dominion. What has hell to fear other than a God-anointed, prayer-powered church?” – Leonard Ravenhill 

Greetings Canada’s Kneeling Army,

 I pray that your summer has been blessed with a deeper intimacy and understanding of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

            Intercessors, 13 years ago Canada In Prayer was called into existence by Almighty God for such a time as this.  CIP maintains and is totally convinced that Canada is in desperate need of prayer for every aspect of society, and we continue to agree to call the whole Church in Canada to pray. God’s timing is always perfect, and this is quite evident. I see His fingerprints everywhere as He has prepared us to be ready. The Canadian Shield is a huge land mass but, with the mechanism of technology, Almighty God has continued and will continue to provide through Canada In Prayer the information that is vital prayer fuel to link believers together in the power of corporate agreement.  

Read the rest of the letter from Brian Warren here …

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