Phil’s Blogs – a wealth of prayer resources

 by Richard Long

I met Phil Miglioratti in St. Louis in 1998 when he was launching the National Pastors Prayer Network (NPPN).  Since then he has been developing city-transformational prayer networks and resources in a big way.  His Blogsite is a great jumping off point for all kinds of great articles, podcasts and links to other prayer movements.

Phil’s Blogs is a “super-blog” that collects posts from 6 of Phil’s blogs and makes them immediately accessible in one place.

  • Ch!cago: One Great City = Collaboration across Chicagoland
  • IBSA = Illinois Baptist Prayer Ministries
  • Loving Our Communities To Christ = Cities applying prayer-care-share evangelism
  • NPPN = National Pastors’ Prayer Network (not just for pastors …)
  • Praying Pastor = Encouraging & quipping pastors’ prayer lives
  • Prayer Leaders = Resources and uncommon prayer ideas
  • Check out Phil’s Blogs here.


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