September Prayer Focus: Middle East

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Unite Canada 24-7-365-2010 presents a special prayer focus for every month.  Here is the intro to the September theme written as usual by Dave Carsons from Intercessors for Canada.  The main theme is the Middle East.

September 2010 is a busy month in the heavenlies! The clash of Kingdoms is profound as Jews, Muslims and Hindus all have very special spiritual holy days and festivals. For most Christians our main celebration will be Labour Day, our last weekend to chill! For many 9/11 will have sober importance. However we should be on spiritual high alert to discern what is happening in the World today with wars and rumours of wars!  

My burden is that the uniqueness of Christ be not neutralized or diminished in the World. He is the supreme Lord and Saviour, there is no other. In the cosmic battle, annual festivals, parades, fasting and worship rituals invite demonic power and strengthen opposition to the Gospel. We desperately need a new seriousness and fear of God to fall upon us, and a powerful spirit of prayer in alignment all over Canada.

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Go to the main prayer information about the Middle East and especially note the Peace Talks start today (Sept. 1st)

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