Communities – Jean Vanier

by Richard Long,

  Today and yesterday we have put up a couple of quotes about “Community”.  If you are wondering what that has to do with prayer, well, we are convinced that the best and healthiest way to sustain a lifestyle of prayer is by doing it together.  Actually here at NHOP we are not only a “House of Prayer” but we also live in community.  Thus, these quotable ideas are not just inspirational but very practical for our team and for others we know across the nation.

 Today’s quote was originally found in the daily thoughts that come to our mailbox from Inward/Outward, a ministry of Church of the Saviour.  We encourage you to subscribe to their daily email.

Signs of the Liberating Love of God by Jean Vanier

Communities must not be isolated one from another. They are called to live in communion and to collaborate one with another. They are all part of a vast body uniting heaven and earth, uniting those who have gone before and those who are present on the earth today. And together they are all preparing the seeds that will flower and bear fruit in the generations to come. They are preparing the ways of tomorrow so that the body of Christ may be fulfilled. Each community is but a sign of the liberating love of God.

From Community and Growth.

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