“My first words are a prayer” – Georges P. Vanier

by Richard Long,

   Canada’s 19th Governor-General, Georges P. Vanier, was a man who walked in the presence of God.  In his inaugural speech on September 15, 1959, he said,

“My first words are a prayer.  May Almighty God, in His infinite wisdom and mercy bless the sacred mission which has been entrusted to me by Her Majesty the Queen and help me to fulfill it in all humility.  In exchange for His strength, I offer my weakness.  May He give peace to his beloved land of ours and to those who live in it the grace of mutual understanding”.

His renowned son Jean Vanier writing in the biography of his father’s spiritual life entitled In Weakness Strength, comments.  “The profound link between his own weakness and God’s strength and mercy was one of the foundation stones of his spiritual life …”

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