A Prayer for Grace – Louis Riel

by Richard Long,

Many Canadians, like myself, have never wandered beyond the official history (propaganda) about the leader of the Manitobans – Louis Riel, who was executed by the government of John A. MacDonald in Nov. 1885 after losing his struggle to keep Manitoba as an independant nation. (History is written by the victors.)

We also have little idea of his character or his deep spirituality.  Fortunately, he kept some journals of his prayers during those last few years of struggle.

Judge for yourself the heart of this devout man by this entry from June 1884 as he made his way back into Manitoba to lead the struggle for independance…

“Grant us the grace always to think, pray, understand, comprehend, speak and write in all things according to Your Holy Spirit of precision, conciseness, lucidity, clarity, logic, eloquence, poetry, rich experience and irresistible authority, so that we may work most effectively for Your greater glory, for the honour of religion, for the triumph of truth, for the redemption of the elect and for the improvement of the state of all our enemies.”

Wow.  He even asked for grace to pray for the improvement of his enemies. 

Excerpt taken from The Diaries of Louis Riel edited by Thomas Flanigan,1976.

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