Taizé: Community and Prayer

By Jeremiah Smith

All around the world there are numerous prayer movements, each unique in their own way.  One I wanted to highlight today is the Taizé Prayer Community birthed in France.

Similar to many prayer movements, Taizé, started in community.  During WWII, Brother Roger, created a community in Taizé, France as a place of refuge for those fleeing the war.  In 1942 Brother Roger, himself, had to flee to Geneva.  When the war ended he returned to Taizé and restarted the community.

The purpose of Taizé is to be a “parable of community”.  Those involved devote themselves to a simple life of prayer,worship, work and communal living.  The commitment to Taizé is lifelong and includes a vow of celibacy, so as to better commit  themselves to the community and to Christ.

The beauty of Taizé is best experienced through their focus on worship.  Taizé songs are simple, repeated verses done in harmony.  The emphasis is not on the “wordiness”, but rather meditating upon truth in unity with others.

Check out the Taizé website here.

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