Street Invaders Come to Ottawa

We are pleased to welcome an enthusiastic group of young people from western Canada. They are capably led by Damien Kurek from Alberta. Their mission as mentioned below in information taken from their website isn’t typical for a Street Invaders team. There is a full schedule for this group as they interact with the local Move In house, Capital City Mission and even with Federal leaders. Training in prayer helps them take the truth of the gospel message everywhere they go. Can I ask you to remember them in prayer as they engage in these activities they may have never encountered before.

Mission description for this Street Invaders outreach

This team is for those who have a heart for Canada. This prayer team is going to spend a significant time in Ottawa at the National House of Prayer. They will also have an opportunity to minister in some of the unseen and marginalized areas of Ottawa and partner with some of the area churches for outreach into Gatineau, Quebec to experience some of the French culture of our land. We will also be spending time doing more traditional types of ministry. Based out of the Boot camp in Saskatchewan, Ottawa 2010 will be different than a typical Street Invaders mission’s team. If you have a heart for Canada and desire to see God move in our government and country, then this is a tremendous opportunity for you.

“He shall have dominion from sea to sea; from the river unto the ends of the earth” (Psalm 72:8)

Visit the Street Invaders website to learn more of the mission programs in Canada. They may even be in your neighbourhood this summer.

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