Update from Jeremiah

It’s been awhile since we had an update from Jeremiah Smith (the youngest member of our NHOP team) on this blog.  This is taken from his most recent newsletter …

    “Well, I’m back in Canada now after spending 3 months as part of a 24/7 Prayer House in Israel.  It was truly an amazing, eye-opening, spiritually enriching time. 

    I had the opportunity to partake in a traditional Passover meal, experience Shabbat (the Sabbath), and see many holy sights.  The most amazing thing was that the Bible came alive.  As I partook in Passover, I realized that Jewish people had been doing this ever since God brought them out of Egypt. 

    The best part however was being able to share the love & knowledge of Jesus with the Jewish & Arab people.  I found that both Jewish & Arab cultures are based on works.  It was great to see God open doors where people would randomly ask about Jesus or come into the prayer room.  It was those moments where I got to share the Gospel that made everything worth it.

       This summer I’ve already been doing some exciting things.  Over the Canada Day week I was the director of Camp Fire: NHOP’s youth camp.  We had youth from across Canada who came to pray, worship and have LOTS of fun.  They got to participate in the Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill which included seeing the Queen!  They also got to say the Lords Prayer in the House of Commons.  They especially loved me waking them up at 7:00am every morning to the tune of We Are Family!

     This past week I’ve started a new endeavor as an extension of NHOP’s ministry.  I’ve started busking in downtown Ottawa… but with a twist.  I’ll be going down 3-4 times a week and worshiping on the street corner.  I’ve really felt the need to take prayer & worship outside of the conventional four walls.  You can keep me in prayer, and ask that God would open people’s hearts as they hear about the love of Jesus through music.  Also pray that I would connect with others with a similar vision and passion.

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