“Poustinia” Prayer – Catherine de Hueck Doherty

by Richard Long,

I’ve been reading “Poustinia” a book written in 1975 by the founder of Madonna House, Catherine de Hueck Doherty which describes the nature of the prayer houses and prayer lifestyle of her communities. 

Here’s a quote from her chapter about Poustinia in the Marketplace …

After writing about times spent around the Lord’s Table she states …

“Prayer is as infinite as God.  Prayer is constant.  Prayer is work.  Prayer is loving.  Prayer is dying.  Prayer is stripping onself of one’s needs.  Prayer is serving the needs of others.  Prayer is conversation with God that never ceases. … Prayer is living in the presence of God.”

I used to live near Madonna House which is in Combermere, Ontario when I was a young teenager.  I had no idea what a powerful prayer community it was as my school bus drove by every day.

You can read more about what de Hueck Doherty meant by “Poustinia” on their website.

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