Igniting Prayers at CampFire 2010

by Richard Long,

   This is the “photo tree” which you may have seen in pics of NHOP activities before.  It grows right beside the Rideau Falls about a 20 minute walk from our facility.  On Monday we took the customary shot of all our campers in this easily-climbable and very safe pine tree. (note for worried parents)

  Then we walked the short distance to 20 Sussex Dr. to pray for the Prime Minister and his family.  Later we watched the changing of the guard at the Governor-General’s residence and then had a tour inside.  Actually it was the last tour for awhile, because they were getting ready for the arrival of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  We hope to see her tomorrow on Parliament Hill during the Canada Day ceremonies.

   We have a full schedule every day which includes worship and devotional to start each morning, then some teaching, prayer walks, or other presentations most mornings.  Afternoons are our excursions.  This afternoon we hiked in the Gatineau Hills up to the Mackenzie King estate.  Tonight we will be doing a boat cruise on the Ottawa river.

Keep checking back for more pics and reports.

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