Prayer for All Nations

Here’s a recent article from the Unite Canada 24-7-365-2010 website.

by Bill Arsenault (Faithworks Church in Charlottetown)

June 27th wow, summer just gets better here on PEI.  The Lord’s blessing on our nation continues to amaze me.  There is a wonderful sense of God’s grace on our nation in this season.  As the G8 and G20 summits continues it is evident that the favor of God has put Canada in a place of influence.  Pr 14:34  Righteousness exalts a nation, …    As I have traveled Canada with Watchmen For The Nations I have sensed that there has been a turning point within the last ten to twelve years.  I believe this turning point took us from a nation under judgement to a nation where the mercy of God is now being displayed.  The reason for the shift is because many across the land have heard the cry for prayer to go forth in the land.   There has been much prayer for healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and repentance in the past decade.  I do not like to even imagine where we would be if the cry for prayer had gone unheeded.    The prayer thrust continues and God is releasing new strategies of prayer that will launch us into the next decade with great hope and expectancy.   It is a time to stretch ourselves to venture, by faith, into areas of prayer that we are not necessarily familiar with, if the Lord is leading us that way.  When there are new things birth in the spirit God always has those who are willing to step into the unknown.  It only takes a few to take the step to open the door for the many.  In our venturing into new things the scriptures always helps us to maintain balance in entering into new arenas.     What an exciting time for the church in Canada to rise to it’s most glorious position.  “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations”

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