G.P.S. – June 27, 2010

Government Prayer Sunday – G.P.S. is the Sunday before Canada Day where individuals, churches and ministries can partner with the National House of Prayer in 2 ways:


 The National House of Prayer is encouraging churches and individuals of all denominations and from every part of the Nation to take part in this fourth annual prayer intiative. Our hope is that you will be joining with hundreds of other churches, dedicating a portion of your worship service to specifically and strategically pray for Canada and at least one elected governmental leader.

Toonie Offering

 Government Prayer Sunday is our main annual fundraiser and we are delighted to walk together with you for our nation. When the National House of Prayer was first being established God gave the strategy of sustaining NHOP through the participation of an annual ‘Toonie Sunday’. This strategy has now become ‘Government Prayer Sunday’, a Sunday that the churches of Canada corporately pray for the government(s) of Canada and sow into the mission of the National House of Prayer. “Even a child is able to give a Toonie, therefore giving a greater opportunity for everyone to financially support what God is doing through this ministry” (Rob Parker).

Download all the resources available to make Government Prayer Sunday a success in your church or ministry.

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